It's cold outside, but with my smile that keeps me warm and happy.

Hello!  Hola!  Hallo!  Bonjour!  Ciao!
My name is Jean Yu and I am based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
I am a hearing-impaired and a freelance graphic designer after spending more than 7 years as an in-house graphic designer at an insurance company. 
I do typography, logo design, print and web banners. I love bold, colourful and simple aesthetic.
I love travel, autumn, winter, Japanese and Italian foods. When I am not working, I watch Supernatural, Bones, and The Walking Dead; read crime, action and family novels; do a bit of exercise and look for some inspirations on Instagram and Pinterest.
If you need some good designs, just drop to say "hi" by completing the required fields below and I will respond you within minutes.
And remember: Keep Calm and Move On
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